I’ve often heard or been told that writing is like a muscle.

It’s one that I’ve been hesitant to develop, or very honestly, altogether avoided. When should I start, how to start, and why do my long-form (or short-form even) thoughts matter.

In my caffeine-induced insomnia, I may have found the answers.

  • Right now.
  • Like this.
  • Probably not, but why let that stop you.

So faced with the, I don’t know random-desire, to finally start blogging I think it best to handle this the way that I handle nearly everything else. General experimentation, documentation, and constant revision - this post exists for that reason. The first record of an attempt that I don’t aim to give up on (this time), and I just needed something to anchor this.

Anyway - let’s have some fun.

Oh - for the time being, there aren’t any comments. If you really want to reach out, feel free to message me on any of my socials. I’ll add comments eventually, but only when I’ve figured out a way to make them less irritating/intrusive.

The current frontrunner is the github discussions system as this blog will overwhelmingly deal with my various (code, design, development) projects.

Also shout-out to Joway Wang for the very clutch YinYang Hugo Theme. I probably would have procrastinated far-less-productively if it didn’t look so clean.