Work is play and play is work.

What are the days like

  • Client work, and work developing startups fills most of my day. The last year of building client relationships has turned into a few very, very, interesting project opportunities.
  • I’ve decided the best way to get to the health state that I want is to treat my health like a job, or at least to make sure it’s throughly integrated into my life. – Daily workouts, walks, and proper eating. So far the results are great.
  • Trying to be more concious about the world and how I percieve it, as such, I have a blog.
  • Making some music, it’s mostly trash right now but it won’t be soon.

What’s next

  • Hoping to break ground on some interesting architecture. Employ some people at livable rates and set the ground work for affordable housing
  • I think I want to add proper book reviews to this personal site after I finish something. It’ll require me to be more intentional and reflective and all that.
  • Itching to finish my digital mural projects ((ask me about them on twitter)), trying to get better at balancing what I’m doing with what I want to do next

Reading or Recently Read

Book links are amazon affiliate links, so if you use them and get a book or something I may get some money.

What do I listen to when I’m working?

Why this page

Randomly perusing Hacker News, knee-deep in procrastination I came across the now page movement. It seemed cool and practical, and since this blog is using hugo, pretty easy to implement. So I went further in, waist-deep now, and made this now page.